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Rv Fridge Not Working On Propane


they should be directly in line with each other. If you don't feel any cold in the freezer it's time to take the RV to an RV dealer and have it checked out. if I run it straight with extension cord to bypass the problem? NO GO, IT WILL LIGHT RIGHT BACK UP EVERY TIME I RESET IT. check over here

If the controller did not know the flame was lit, it would soon (about 15 seconds) shut the gas valve off to prevent a gas leak explosion. Any clue what to target for inspection/replacement? The orifice for the burner may still be partially plugged too. That could get costly.

Norcold Rv Refrigerator Troubleshooting

The refer was working fine on LP until we stopped at a rest stop about noon today, now it won't run on LP. Curtis that is a good sign, you may have a circuit board problem but the only way to be sure is to take it to a dealer and have them test Curtis Brian, The correct flame size is surprisingly small. has not lights working and will not get cold, on any setting.

Mine is driving me nuts. Is this a standard RV fridge mounted on the outside of the RV or is this a portable model? Curtis Sondra, If I understand what they're saying correctly, they believe the ammonia mixture in the cooling unit has frozen and is no longer circulating. Rv Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is Often it can be cleared using an air compressor to blow upward above where the flame would be.

We live in Port Charlotte, FL. Rv Fridge For Sale we vented with a 3″ pipe. I haven't tried the propane aspect but was hoping and praying you could tell me what the issue is > Many thanks and I eagerly anticipate and appreciate your answer . I'm confused...I thought it controlled the amount of gas to the burner so that the flame would get bigger or smaller depending on how cold you wanted your food...

This item my be the problem, the thermocouple inside the fridge directly controls this valve !!!! Norcold Rv Refrigerator Manual Thanks Mark [emailprotected] Curtis The good news is if it still works properly on 110 volts the cooling unit is fine. Mike Loveless hi I have a 1986 coachmen norcold refrigerator derail number 662 I was hoping u could help me figure out why it just stopped working there is no power The burner may be partially plugged or the propane regulator may be bad.

Rv Fridge For Sale

The cooling unit amounts to a series of tubes filled with an ammonia-based liquid. Went outside to check the fuses which seem to be ok,not sure what to do next, replace with real frig or what. Norcold Rv Refrigerator Troubleshooting On gas the burner sputers but does light. Rv Refrigerator Repair Parts Mike Collins Now that is what I call quick!

I agree taking it to the shop is an expensive endeavor that I too avoid like a poison pill. check my blog and am looking for a place to buy and install a new mini-fridge at a reasonable price. Curtis If the refrigerator is in operation I don't see how it could freeze up. On the right top of the page that brings up is "Find Content". Dometic Refrigerator Not Working At All

Sign in to make your opinion count. Robin McDonald I have an older camper my refrigerator doesn't get cold it gets super hot. Regulators can be tested by and RV dealer. this content Do not worry about the converter until you have confirmed that you have power going to the RV from the battery.

John Fiorini Curtis , I have a 2006 KZ, Norcold mod N821RT fridge that works fine on electric for both fridge and freezer, but the freezer only works on Gas and Norcold Rv Refrigerator Reset use an eraser to clean the contacts. When we returned my husband gave it the ole' college try.

Fluid movement keeps any sediment suspended in the fluid, which ultimately prevents any accumulation from occurring.

Problem solved. But because I had a flame I never thought it could be that problem. So we have to keep it on a trickle charger so that it can constantly charging. Dometic Rv Refrigerator Manual Curtis Johnwebb, Your cooling unit needs to be replaced and sadly there's not much you can do on your own.

The gauge in access panel reads 7. If you do smell ammonia, your situation is dire. Still works great on 110 v, and to be honest I am not sure I have ever used or tested the DC. have a peek at these guys Thanks So Much, Jim Curtis Jim, Good luck in your troubleshooting.

When y Before You Buy An RV Repairs & Add-Ons Living In An RV Things To See & Do RV Driving / Towing Tips More Electronics & Gadgets Health & Beauty So they are running parallel, while all this was going on my frig decided to partially stop working meaning, the main on/off works but light doesn't and the gas/electric light is If you have never run it on propane then that operation may be an unknown. Sunshells...

Curtis Not a good sign. also, the fridge worked fine up until a couple days ago, was plugged in for quite some time then out of no where just quit getting cold… thanks in advance Curtis ABCsofRVs 216,855 views 6:46 RV Living: My fridge isn't cooling! - Duration: 12:28. Got it installed and it cooled fine on electric but not on propane.

What could be wrong? Curtis Maybe. Thanks Tlatta Hi, I was just reading your post about the loud annoying noise from your fridge. I'd be more inclined to suggest the upside down trick temporarily corrected a bad connection situation.

Before You Buy An RV Repairs & Add-Ons Living In An RV Things To See & Do RV Driving / Towing Tips More Electronics & Gadgets Health & Beauty Hobbies & If it is on gas mode, does that drain the battery fairly quick? How do I fix this? The guy that had it before us rebuilt it from the ground up.

it suddenly stopped working on both, no smell of ammonia, any thoughts? Someone else on the Casita forum posted the exact same problem, but that post was from two years ago with no real replies. For real. Maybe that way I'll get another one.

The flame on this model blows up into a tube. Curtis Vgippe, Just did a search at But it needs to be tested by a qualified technician to determine what the actual problem is.