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Rv Fridge Not Working On Electric


Parking on a hill, with your refer running while you go off to lunch, starts the degradation of the system and every time you do this, it adds up. Gas works fine ,ac does not. Everything appears fine with the Generator running - I took the shield off and saw the flame. Came on our new Lance 825. check over here

Brian MThe element being shorted explains the fuse blowing again. Matt WillisI just wanted to ad this to my previous comment. The thermocouple is a narrow rod with the end that sticks into the burner flame. The floor is pretty level, but front to back is pretty off.

Dometic Refrigerator Not Working At All

I have called a couple of RV Techs and two of them are perplexed over the carbon falling on the burner. But we're at home, 200 miles from the trailer and I found I did not have these two on my computer file. What could it be. Keep in touch if you like…maybe between the three of us… David thanks for the reply.

I checked all fuses, the gas was lighting, and electric was working. When you have your control set to "auto", the board first looks for AC power and a complete circuit before going to electricity. Ordered a new heater element this morning. Dometic Rv Refrigerator Manual My dad brought out a brand new battery from Sams club for us so we quickly got that in and turned the fridge on gas so our food wouldn't go bad.

JC I checked it with a shop light and it worked fine then I tested it with meter and it checked out at 120. I'm under a tornado watch (perfect timing huh?) And the lights flickered once and every thing was still working fine. Maggie Baker so if my rv batteries are dead my fridge might not work? I was thinking I might have a bad battery but not sure.

Usually it is lack of proper circulation that stops the refrigerator from working. Norcold Rv Refrigerator Troubleshooting Don't touch it for hours and the temperature goes up on the frig. Let us know what you find and enjoy the forum. Easiest way to find out is put a volt meter on the house battery with the engine off.

Dometic Refrigerator Not Cooling On Electric

Any insight would be appreciated. The company is replacing with another new one, but I was going to have the techs install, it is 6 screws, gas line hook-up and plug in electric to outlet. Dometic Refrigerator Not Working At All I would guess you have a circuit board or heating element problem. Rv Fridge For Sale I cleaned out the burner and pipe.

If it's old and has sat unused for long periods it is likely plugged up with sludge. Curtis When running on propane you also need 12 volts running on propane you also need 12 volts available for the refrigerator to operate. Weird, I thought to myself. The guy that had it before us rebuilt it from the ground up. Rv Refrigerator Repair Parts

ALWAYS BURNS BETWEEN 1 AND TWO MINUTES THEN FLAME CLICKS OFF. I can't say it was terribly hot outside. Pretty much ONCE each year, the unit shuts down and completely defrosts, BUT THEN WORKS AGAIN FINE UPON resetting. this content Barefootbutterfly Hi we have a 1969 14′ Kustom Koach made in Aldergrove,British Columbia Canada.

Normally there is an indicator light. Dometic Rv Refrigerator Check Light Joe Witt got a Dometic 2604 on 110 elec. Vuelve a intentarlo más tarde.

Take out only the 1/4″ hex head in the upper left corner and the one in the right lower corner.  The leads removed earlier are reconnected in this graphic.

Stev Ruffneri have a dometic refrigerator and the freezer works fine but refigerator does not get cold and i pushed the slide up all the to get it cold but that Chris Wenzl --> Recommended Reading For You HOME SEARCHSearch Our SiteSubmit An ArticleLEARNRVing ArticlesRVers Gift ShopBuying a RVUsed RV InspectionTypes of RVsDiesel or Gas?RV Digital TV TipsThe RVers BlogShare Your RVing Good to know about the antenna boost. Dometic Refrigerator Troubleshooting Gas And these fridges look brand new so don't let some tech tell you you have to buy a whole new fridge that is simply not true.

Curtis You've done about all that I recommend owners to do. This is a common grounding point for the refrigerator and also needs to be checked to insure it is tight and wires are intact. Sometimes removing the refrigerator and turning it upside down for a while will dislodge the sediment that has settled in the bottom of the cooling unit. have a peek at these guys If you do not own a multimeter or do not understand how to proceed safely, do not attempt to undertake these steps.

MarkHi Jim, I have the same issue with mine. It’s display showed an increase of around 3 amps as the element came on. Few days maybe, but not hours. If you still have a flame outage problem then the electrical circuitry is most likely the cause.