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Rv Fridge Not Working On 12 Volt


also, the fridge worked fine up until a couple days ago, was plugged in for quite some time then out of no where just quit getting cold… thanks in advance Curtis If it lights but goes right out, the thermocouple is probably bad. Thanks. Sounds like your fix of plugging the 110 into the inverter would work just fine.

Got home used voltage meter and have power going into converter but not coming out. This means switched off at the control panel not at the L.P. The only way it wouldn't work properly is to burn out, which would create an open circuit. When I turn on multiple 12V devices I can here the convertor fan running.

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Problem--we like to dry camp more than do campgrounds. It was fine a week ago… can you help Curtis Helen, I need more information. Plugged the frig up and just like before it wouldn't run off elect. Also checked the frig plug in camper and it checked out at 120.

Since the 5th wheel is 20 years old, I am sure that it is time to replace the fridge/freezer combo. You can give the model and serial number of your fridge to an appliance parts house and they can fix you up with a new one. That could get costly. Dometic Rv Refrigerator Check Light We are at a loss of what to check next.

You seemed to be getting enough power from the converter and probably was. Taking the camper to the shop would be around $120 (hr) + parts. Curtis Level the RV and then turn it on again. Apparently the whole batch of batteries from that manufacturer were bad.

If you plugged in to 120V and the auto button is in auto position (if there is an auto button, some have one, some don't but all will default to propane Norcold Rv Refrigerator Manual Any ideas how I cna make it colder? thanks in advance. Replacing the cooling unit in most cases isn't cost effective if you are having a dealership do the work.

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Jim Thank you for getting back to me. We were beginning to have issues last year with the electric but could get the propane to work. Rv Refrigerator Troubleshooting I feel like I am taking crazy pills. __________________ 08-17-2009, 07:57 AM #8 Roy in TO Senior Member Name: Roy Trailer: 1972 boler American and 1979 Trillium Norcold Rv Refrigerator Troubleshooting Thank you.

It could easily melt plastic. news If I am in a different spot every night then I just rely on the cooler and ice. __________________ __________________ 08-15-2009, 10:46 PM #3 ken h Senior Member You might want to try vacuuming the burner and area surrounding it as well. Curtis If it works properly on an extension cord all I can say is you have a bad connection somewhere. Dometic Rv Refrigerator Manual

In most instances, this can be replaced by an owner with some mechanical ability. I crossed my fingers and lit the fridge, 3 hours later the freezer was cold, and after about 6 hours the fridge was down to 36 deg. Since this took a full 3 days to go bad, I'm assuming some part of the circuit board went out, but nothing that would blow fuses or pop breakers. have a peek at these guys Stacey my dometic rv fridge was working fine and then we lost power so it switched from power to gas and then back to power, and then it suddenly quit working

What could be wrong? Dometic Refrigerator Not Working At All Thanks again. Thanks for relating the solution to your problem, Steve. :)Randy Steve6 days ago I replaced the battery and so far so good.

Ideal for classic trailer restoration.

If you have never run it on propane then that operation may be an unknown. I HAVE FOLLOWED THE START UP PROCEDURE 20 PLUS TIMES WITH THE SAME RESULT. With the extreme heat we're experiencing lately the overall efficiency of your older fridge may also be part of the problem. Rv Refrigerator Parts Does it work on electricity?

Saw two small minor crimps in the line around the elctrical connection. You should have one in the bathroom which probably controls the other areas without power.Randy Kim4 months ago Hi - we went up to our 1977 35ft Terry 5th wheel over Don't attempt to run the AC when plugged into an extension cord. check my blog I had a real lazy flame before now it is crisp and you can hear the howl of it if you listen.

I'm hesitant because everything worked off the 110 no problem before the battery was installed. Any and all suggestions will be helpful at this time as no service depts.