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Rss Feed Not Working In Iweb

Objects and Widgets What is an iWeb Widget in Sandvox terminology? I HATE APPLE FOR DOING THAT and still don't see why they've done it. Like iWeb, and unlike other products, there is no preview mode separate from the live editor. I've checked it over and over again for any typos I might have made, but it seems everything is in working order.

You might consider this transition as an opportunity to freshen up. Can anyone lend a hand? t&t riverside z d'le roi soleil qu?ng an z vinhomes metropolis li?u giai z chung c? Blogs work very similarly to Photo Albums.

Tags: Customisation, iWeb, SEO Enjoyed this Post?Subscribe to our RSS Feed, Follow us on Twitter or simply recommend us to friends and colleagues! you would know when you use them. Reply Atholom says: 25 September 09 at 5:22 pm I cant understand how to do this, cause my rss.xml is inside the sitename folder wich i´m not using, couse i publish kathryn wrote: 19.

xml" title="Republic of Letters Blog" /> Topic Closed This topic has been closed to new replies. Thank you for visiting and supporting my website, - Cédric -         My other websites: Buy my iWebFAQ.orgE-Book (reviews)(sample) E-Book If nothing is happening in the Web Editor, you many need to turn on ‘Load data from the Internet’ in Sandvox’s Preferences to get things going. Sandvox, by contrast, tends to take a “set it and forget it” approach to site design and maintenance, working with the site as a conceptual whole.

feed:// The images being posted on the RSS feed are all wrong, although if you look at the webpage itself, the images are correct. She publishes recipes on her site and noticed that her feed did not include all of the pictures that she had inserted into her post that showed the various stages of the cooking This approach lets Sandvox scale a site to hundreds of pages (or more), asking you to add just the content that differs from page to page. What about photo editing controls?

Publishing If I continue to use iWeb but with FTP instead of MobileMe, what do I give up? You can not post a blank message. In Apple’s own transition guide, it states: "When publishing an iWeb site to a web hosting service other than MobileMe, the following features are not available: blog and photo comments, website Though iWeb supports this, it never had a good way to consistently apply such changes to multiple objects across the site.

I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol home design ideas wrote: 19. I decided to use iWeb to read my Feeds. 1) Add a page to your website (Blank white will do) 2) Under Inspector, Page, uncheck Include page in navigation menu 2) But you can make it easier for your readers to subscribe to it. In Sandvox, a collection of photo pages is typically called a Photo Album.

l?c h?ng lotus z mandarin garden tân mai z chung c? have a peek at these guys You can do this by selecting the text you would like to link — e.g. "Download Annual Report" — and then use the Link Inspector to set the link to "Page We are looking into supporting this in a future release. (Note that iWeb required publishing to MobileMe for this feature. After the first six top-level pages are added, Sandvox stops automatically adding new pages to the Site Menu. (Once your site grows to a particular size you typically do not want

Reef Gifts & Gallery is the site I'm working on and they sell sculptures and paintings. I have tried to follow it as best I could but not sure if I have done it correctly? How do I change the date of a particular blog entry? check over here z chung c?

I always choose the 4-photos layout, but it's up to your thought. Between July 8th and 15th you moved your site to be at root level of your server (the old site is still there at ) This consequently changed the feed Olivier wrote: 9.

Whenever you want to see if there's a new entry just visit the page's URL in Safari and that's it.

In iWeb, a Photo Page contains a grid of thumbnails of photos (up to 99) that have been added to that page; whereas in Sandvox a photo page is simply that, anyone? This is automatically set up for you when you add a Photo Album to your site. timethief Member Oct 2, 2010, 5:52 PM Perhaps you have not entered the correct URL got your blog's RSS feed for posts.

No, and iWeb does not do everything that Sandvox can do. Can I make my Sandvox site look exactly like my old iWeb site? Question 2: I want to change the title of the RSS "Events"-which I didn't select in the first place, to another name like "Calender" but even though the word "Event" is this content If you've found the iWeb URL field confusing, we'll clear things up.

I certainly apprecaite your help! Not just its contents. Sandvox features an item in the File menu, called Extract Content of Website..., to extract the contents of an existing website into a new document. What can I do?

Whenever I clic a link I get the broken link message. You can change the time and date stamp on a particular page (blog entry) using the Page Inspector (Date & Time at the bottom). Hide Question All replies Helpful answers by Roddy, Roddy Sep 12, 2012 4:33 PM in response to JoeGilbert Level 6 (17,265 points) Sep 12, 2012 4:33 PM in response to JoeGilbert You can change this behavior by altering the RSS feed for the collection using the Collection tab of the Page Inspector.