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Rosetta Stone Pronunciation Not Working


I turned it off.posted by jannw at 9:12 AM on January 12, 2012 I think it must depend somewhat on accents, too. I had an idea of some of the sounds, as I have a pretty good ear naturally to distinguish them, but had no idea how to say them really. Best, Karen Rosetta Stone Hi Karen, if you haven't already, call us and do a sound check with us 1-800-434-8913. Finally, we are constrained by the limitations of the underlying speech recognition technology. his comment is here

If that doesn't help you can set up a sound test with our support team: I set the volume to 75% and it's working like a dream. Your cache administrator is webmaster. My Brazilian wife would tell me my pronunciation of a word was perfect, and the software would tell me I was way off.

Rosetta Stone Not Recognizing Speech

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4) Posted on Sep 30, 2010 10:46 PM Reply I have this question too Q: Rosetta Stone/Internal Mic not working Hide Question All replies Helpful answers You can find the correct tongue positions here: http://en.wikipedia....Pinyin#InitialsThe table is a bit 'technical', but getting past it is pretty easy if you just clicky clicky the links and look at There were a couple of instances where the software refused to recognize what to my ears was a perfectly fine pronunciation, but for the most part I thought it worked quite If it is too low, the computer artificially makes it louder, but this will add noise to the recording – and make it difficult to understand for Rosetta Stone’s speech engine.

I'd urge RS to fix these bugs, as I know I'm one of quite a few who have tried RS and have had this problem. First, I would mention that the microphones included with the software in all 3 languange sets were either defective from the outset or malfunctioned after a few days or weeks of If you're too close or too loud, your sound waves will be "clipped". Rosetta Stone Voice Recognition Problems Mac Additionally, Rosetta Stone fails again when it comes to how you utilize the software - You have four boxes, all of them are options, and you can guess. Rosetta Stone treats it like a

I still love RS though because it is still teaching me Spanish at a lightning speed compared to any other method.. It sucked £169 and doesn't even recognise my speech.. I set the system preferences mic selection to line in and set rosetta stone to built in mic and that solved the problem for me. Also, I am certain the software makes at least occasional mistakes, but I wonder just how often it makes mistakes, and how badly?

First, people remain self-conscious about speaking to computers; despite much progress in improving multi-modal interfaces and reducing speech recognition error rates, most people still do not talk to their personal computers. Rosetta Stone Microphone Setup Was Not Successful With enough repetitions you cannot help but speak well. If the program is geared toward's one it may register major sound differences that are due to accent as mistakes.posted by TheTingTangTong at 9:31 AM on January 12, 2012 My fiancee I'm on unit 2, and I realized Rosetta Stone still has not really taught tones explicitly.

Rosetta Stone Speech Recognition Doesn't Work

There is very little explanation in the software of *anything* - it's supposed to be an immersion kind of thing. We also found that by tuning up or down the visual prominence of the speaking task and the resulting feedback, we could set expectations in learners that allowed them to proceed Rosetta Stone Not Recognizing Speech When I switched to the pronunciation offered, I got the green light. Rosetta Stone Microphone Not Working Unclear or Inaccurate Spam Offensive or Abusive Speech Requires Moderator Attention 3 Answers MOST VOTES OLDEST NEWEST 2 Vote Helind You can adjust the speech recognition settings: click "set preferences", click

Privacy Policy Terms of Use Sales and Refunds Legal Site Map Contact Apple MenuHomeBlogTranslationConjugationLearn SpanishFlashcardsGrammarQ & AWord of the DayVer en españolTraductorSign inreport this ad Home > Q&A > Vocabulary & this content June 24, 2013 Karaoke-like software to speak Norwegian like a... Why not just buy this part from a company like that and concentrate on the rest of your otherwise brilliant product. This information can be found with Rosetta Stone's Troubleshooting Documentation: Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition rate heavily relies on the quality of the signal that it is supposed to analyze. Rosetta Stone Speech Recognition Will Be Disabled For This Session

Study Chinese in Kunming 1-1 classes, qualified teachers and unique teaching methods in the Spring City. For reasons unknown to me, we never used option E, the Speech Recognition feature, at school; but I've played around with it and I can see its utility, but as others In the summer when I had the chance to practice with a native teacher, she commented that my pronunciation was very standard with the initials (but she also really scolded me weblink Firstly, the speaker will say a work, then when it's my turn, it's as if the microphone is not being recognized and is quickly turning on and off as if it's

Timezones and Scheduling Depending on your reason for traveling, you can be sure the time zones will change, and in some cultures like Russia - the day is represented by four Rosetta Stone Microphone Setup Not Working The only speech recognition I receive is that my microphone setup was successful. I repeat words like 'zhe' over and over and as far as i can tell I just randomly get it and randomly don't.

At least the pronunciation issues you mention are common to many learners (pronunciation of 'r' and 'zhe', for example).

Maybe the same level as Rock Band in singing mode. Need auto insurance advice? Adobe Flash Player Settings You may need to allow Rosetta Stone to use the signal from your microphone. Three Problems Associated With Speech Recognition Software For instance.

I will let you know if that pattern changes. Name * Please enter your name Email Address * Please enter your email address Post Comment Helpdesk software by DeskPRO View more search results → Nothing suitable? ... It fails to really say how you are pronouncing it wrong - I want to know what corrections I need to do with my tongue, mouth, frequency, etc. I am using a Sony VAIO laptop to run the software.

I like how each lesson "builds upon" the previous ones; a truly ingenious way of teaching. My conclusion is that there seems to be about a second delay between the ding and the time the computer starts listening to what I am saying, at least on my of course it's going to say they're wrong! That way, you will be able to get through saying the numbers more quickly.

In other words the software is not picking up the first fracton of a second of sound. All posts copyright their original authors. I wanted to like-no, to LOVE-Rosetta Stone, and hopefully attempt to learn other languages after I mastered French. Hopefully something in there helps you to fix your problem.

Now I purchased your product because when I call 411 and a computer perfectly recognizes what I am saying (even though I have an accent in English) and gives me the To verify the settings start an activity and select ‘Set Preferences’ at the top right hand corner. Thank God, I finally found a level two technology assistant who could help me. Adjust your volume and distance so that your waveform starts to resemble the sample waveform.

In trying to debug one particularly intractable problem of this kind, I went into the section where I could see the sonogram and hear what the software was analyzing. to say the words right. The coolest is Tell Me More, which shows the overall trend of pitch/intonation from the beginning to end of each word.posted by riverbook at 8:14 PM on April 2, 2012 « Rosetta Stone Hi Dee, Glad to hear that your speech recognition seems to be working properly now.

Rosetta Stone Hi Doyin, you can always turn down the precision Level. Chances are, you won't begin this conversation with "The Men Are Eating" like an asshole. Le quiero pedir a una chica dándole un anillo pero eso significa compromiso hasta el fin o solamente es para pedirle? One of the most popular ones is Rosetta Stone.

and this is the tricky bit... Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website Comment 4 Comments Sarah Ireland 3 years ago I have some comments about Rosetta Stone. However, Rosetta simply aborts the sentence, preventing me from gradually reducing my rest period. -Very poor feedback - My biggest issue of all. The problems are similar in all three languages, but seem to be more of an issue in Spanish.