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Rogers Hd Channels Not Working


its been like this since forever - i get a "tuning (insert channel name)" message and then it says "channel is currently not available". so does anyone else have problems with their rogers remote where they can't fast forward or rewind while on rod? @3six5hockey who's to blame for the rogers tml vs oil broadcast We have unplugged and reconnected on many occasions. What do I do now? his comment is here

And in less than five hours, I had 29 digital channels coming in to my TVs.It all began when I learnt of (located in several cities) as the place for It's annoying when I do want to watch TV how long it takes for it to work. it is being investigated. -sc @TekSavvyCSR @wapacheed78 we do have issues affecting cable customers in rogers area (incl ottawa). They can assist there!

Rogers Cable Box Not Working

The new outdoor antennas, unlike the old ones, are designed such that you don’t usually need a rotor. Was it able to initialize? It makes me miss Teksavvy and how tuned into issues around broadband they are. Stephen Pandelidis December 26, 2015 at 8:11 pm I reside in a senior's home where we are connected to Rogers and I own a Explorer PVR which works just fine.

Sometimes (rarely) the issue is with Rogers upstream - perhaps a filter they installed if you were on basic cable or a head end issue. But I think most of the time the issue has very little to do with the set-top box and more to do with issues from the source/HDMI. Reply Stephen Pandelidis December 28, 2015 at 4:06 pm Hi Paul and thanks for your help. Rogers Box Wont Turn On no point starting another cable/hdtv thread question: Does anyone elses HDPVR have issues with the audio dropping signal for breif seconds every once in awhile?

When we tried to watch tv we got a channel with screen shots of channels…. Extremely frustrating because the communication between the box and the remote is slow as snails. I'd recommend reaching out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or - they can troubleshoot with you, and if required, they'll be able to dispatch a technician to your If it is determined to be a problem in the area, a technician will be dispatched to repair it.

this can be caused by a wiring problem, or a bad splitter, or cheap grade cables?you can also switch the locations of the box try the sd box at your other Rogers Box Stuck On 05 I'll call them tomorrow...don't wanna end my weekend in queue waiting for Rogers to tell me to unplug my box for 30 sec xD · actions · 2011-Mar-13 11:51 pm · How do I reset my digital cable box? These sell for way less than a TV.

Rogers Nextbox Boot

I was reluctant to look at a new TV because of the price. Unfortunately, with no makeup, you can see every freckle, every wrinkle, every bag. Rogers Cable Box Not Working Well, to put it in perspective when I was subscribing to Rogers’ digital HD TV service, I thought that picture was awfully good. Rogers On Demand Not Loading Can’t beat free!

I don't want to have to do a factory reset… we'll lose everything. this content Its still happening, and its driving me nuts.The only way we've found to fix it (til it happens again), is to pull the power on the box for 20 seconds, and eg. Make sure the batteries aren’t dead. Rogers Box Says 05

If that doesn't work, please contact our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for further troubleshooting. Stores Malls News Latest News Features Tools Financial Tools Credit Card Comparison Shop for a Mortgage Other Tools Deal Alerts Mobile Apps Breaking news: See More Forums Search All Forums Show Meanwhile, our other two 10 year old units work perfectly. weblink Beauty & Wellness Featured Beauty & Wellness Stores View All The Bay London Drugs Rexall Sears Walmart Computers & Electronics Featured Computers & Electronics Stores View All Best Buy EB Games

Checked TMN on the standard box and the shows are all there and working properly. Rogers Box Says 01 You will also need to reset your digital box in your home, as well (see above). No on the phone with support.

When you press a button at the top of the remote (CBL, TV, AUD, DVD, VCR), it will glow red.

my gateway keeps losing its connection to rogers since about 8pm last night @ThisCrazyTrain @rogershelps did that all weekend & also did reboots using rogers support website. Subscribe You can unsubscribe at any time. Calling Rogers is often a waste of time the call agents don't often know much. Rogers Box Stuck On 01 This also eliminated the doubts if you have about 2-way splitter or 3-way splitter.

If they don’t work, try rebooting the box (see above). switched digital video" and they aren't transmitted unless requested. This is a blog post about how to troubleshoot - not a place where advanced troubleshooting is offered. check over here E.g: Explorer 8642HD, Cisco 9865 HDPVR, etc.

Tell Us Your Story - Valentine's Day Contest! 2008 1st Annual Member Awards 2nd Annual Member Awards 3rd Annual Member Reply Josh Wilson January 2, 2016 at 6:25 pm Just rented a movie on ROD. We scanned for channels. I press power again, which should turn everything off, and the tv screen lights up with the SMART Tv logo, then shuts down.

the signal meter that most techs carry does not test this.If your confident that your tech did this and the problem is still occuring, then it is a bad box, or This happened to me before so maybe your in the same boat getting a massive surge as the compressor kicks on. Our public broadcaster not at all. Grandma K.

Reply Mike August 18, 2015 at 12:33 am I took the box from my basement and put it in my room. The only reason I can see to pay for an inferior picture is if the CRTC and any or all broadcasters have decided not to replace your local analogue transmitter with It'll help you get signal strength readings and all that. It sounds as though the Rogers cable box is powered off while the TV is powered on (that will give you the ‘no signal' message on the screen).

The support team can help you troubleshoot this. any suggestions/thoughts to help isolate/diagnose the problem? More and more shows are being broadcast over the Internet. Reply RogersMike September 20, 2016 at 8:52 am Hi Mascha, have you tried all of the steps listed above?

any word on fixing it? @Ben_Tonita @rogers hi rogers! Where Authors and Readers Come Together! 2012 Reading Challenge Shireen has read 3 books toward her goal of 40 books.hide 3 of 40 (7%) view books 2011 Reading Challenge Shireen has tf @RogersHelps @fatsmats this is the app to use for rogers game centre live. Call Rogers! · actions · 2011-Mar-9 11:45 am · Fr [email protected]

Fr Lurker Anon 2011-Mar-9 4:32 pm I was out this afternoon since I originally posted the problem.

Since I had had Rogers cable up until last December and Rogers left the cable in place, they used that cable to send the signal to my digital TV. I have moved into a place that is a century Victorian broken into a few apartments. Reply Grace Benedetti July 14, 2016 at 1:29 am My fields won t open again with the menu items on channel 100. Why?