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Right Click Not Working In Mirc

Click on any column header to sort the entries. You can now make some basic mIRC scripts, and you should understand a few of the concepts required to script. Add a second line of: Cute Sayings 8. The first thing this code does is check to see if you gave it three parameters. his comment is here

I got the "Open Link in New Tab" box ticked so clicking on links inside Firefox does work like I want it to. The basic syntax of a remote event looks like this: Remote Events[edit] On *:Event:parameters:{ commands } The * is what user level the event will trigger on. It's the ONLY thing an '-' does - to draw a line which is used to seperate groups of Layers (popups). Command Prefixes[edit] There are three types of prefixes that are placed in front of commands, and one prefix placed before identifiers, variables, and operators.

On load it should say "up to date", since you did get the script from my site, not some shoddy listserver, didn't you? ;) dlTracker user interface window will pop up All will be closed when dlTracker GUI or mIRC is closed. Note that depending on your network, you may not have a Nickname Service. dlTracker sends no automated messages whatsoever.

On *:Connect:{ if (!%connnick) { set %connnick $?="What do you want your nickname to be?" } nick %connnick } When you connect to a server, the server will ask you what Select item from the network listbox to see statistics for that network. Sometimes it's usefull to have another window though so I'm not sure if it's the perfect solution but maybe it will have to do :) Thanks for the response but the problem Recursive Aliases[edit] mIRC cannot call an alias from inside itself.

It will appear as if you had actually typed it. /me does these things to the rest of the channel. Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - Contact In our Popup, it simply returns to the next command line as if you pressed . Search text is similar to the standard search engine text, ie spaces are wildcards unless inside quotes ("thisisinsidequotes"andthisisnot).

Pass nothing to it, and $1 will evaluate to $null. In mIRC Scripting, variables are untyped. Typing /hello and pressing Enter would result in the line showing up in the current window saying "Hi, I'm mynickname and I am an mIRC user." One important thing to take Try typing //echo -a%text into the command line.

This is not. Double-click on an entry will open the file if possible. It's usually match text, where the event takes place, both, or neither of them. You should see a menu looking something like "Change Nick To →".

Left click the advanced tab4. this content Up and down arrow buttons apply the approptiate filters, blue up/down will sort the list by DCC type. Mathematical Equations With Variables[edit] There are two ways to perform mathematical operations on variables; the commands /inc and /dec, and the = (assignment operator). Local variables are destroyed after the calling script executes.

You can see the result of the version check in the mIRC status window. There are also add-ons - Open Link in New Tab And - Tab Mix Plus. Giving it a titleBack to Top So, your in popups editor (Alt-P) and in the Nicknames list section and at the bottom of the window at the first blank line, make When you click on an option (kick, ban, or kickban), it will do that option to whatever nickname is in $$1.

Making Menus[edit] Open your scripts editor to the Popup tab. This website was started in 2010. We will briefly touch on some major points of other sections, such as the Channel and Query sections. 13.

Aliases change their syntax a bit when in remote scripts.

Let's take our previous example and add a local alias. One more notable thing about function key aliases: you can can use them on the command line by typing the name of the alias, like any old alias name. You can also specify a ? First you must limit the range of port that mirc use in the Dcc, Option menu.

menu channel,query { Slap Someone!: me slaps a random user with a large trout. } Menus in remote files can also have multiple menu names of where the menu should pop However, I would recommend using "\scripts\dlTracker\" or "\dlTracker\", as dlTracker will create several files and subfolders. Examples of events are Text, Action, Ban, Join, and Part. check over here The output would look something like this: -ChanServ- Information for channel #scripting:
-ChanServ- Founder: Master_Scripter
-ChanServ- Description: Help Channel for mIRC Scripting

This is the thing you click on to 'run' the alias. (In our example: Hug, Rose, Kiss and Bighug are the names.) Description: /me Everything after this are the commands mIRC You can change this, however, using the identifier $isid. As of now I am not aware of any script conflicts. Right-click for a menu.

Privacy policy About Wikibooks Disclaimers Developers Cookie statement Mobile view You have Javascript disabled. Hello :/me says hello to $nick To make it work we hilite the nick from the nick list in our channel , right click and hilite Hello .... Clicking this will import the basic stats from KeepTrack, ie send/get numbers and sizes - and then unloads KeepTrack. The . (period) tells mIRC to which 'layer' a popup belongs.

alias incnum2 { var %num = $$1 inc %num inc %num echo -a Your number was increased by two! Clicking on one of those will do a /msg chanserv info on the channel. Note: Built in identifiers to mIRC will take precedence over custom ones with the same name. In the Nickname list popups, $$1 refers to the nickname which you have highlighted when you do a Right-Click with your mouse on it.

Statistics This is the most interesting tab. This because the property .neg was used with $addnum. You may also see other variables, if you have run other scripts. It's just harder to read when analysing possible mistakes in a script.

Now, the script will only respond when they CTCP you with the correct word.