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Renault Megane Remote Locking Not Working


Contacts Martin Lewis is a registered trade mark belonging to Martin S Lewis. Incl FREE credit score and 15 more tricks New longest-EVER 0% spending card 0% till 2019 for accepted new cardholders FAQs Privacy policy Past emails Unsubscribe Welcome to our new Forum! IT WORKS! Then I tried the second key, same result, I then pressed the brake when it told me too and the same thing.....Out of frustration, I kept hitting the brake about 6 Check This Out

Video Photos Link Add Upload Upload × × Draw a box over the problem!! Paul Clark April 2012 I cant lock or my car any more and i cant open the boot, i only ever had one key card and dont know what to A while ago it stoppe working (so I couldn't even get in the car), so had to use the spare, but then a while later, it started working again. Read online about disconnecting and reconnecting the car battery, (negative only) and hey presto it worked!

Renault Megane Key Card Not Working

then whilst i was chatting to the seller i noticed on the dashboard "replace card battery" so i mentioned it & he said yeah it needs a new battery which can i bought a new card reader as i thought it must be that, i changed it and it was exactly the same. kenny from JHB South Africa. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

it WILL RE-LOCK the car if you unlocked it but DID NOT open any of the doors. The flashing red light on your dash will burn permanent if done right. Glad you like it! Renault Megane Central Locking Reset Supermarket Coupons Shop but don't drop All Shopped Out!

Renault Central Locking Problems Almost all modern cars come equipped with a central locking system. Renault Megane Key Card Not Opening Doors The battery in the keycard probably needs changing. The other card still will not work we have replaced batteries etc. Is this level of component failure acceptable to Renault?

A lot of people are complaining about this so, I think Watchdog are due an interesting letter which will also be going to trading standards. Renault Megane Key Card Buttons The Megane DOES NOT HAVE AUTO-LOCK!However... Given below are some Expert answers to common Renault central locking questions.The What can be done when the central locking system on a 2004 Renault Clio is not responsive to the This is crazy absurd!!

Renault Megane Key Card Not Opening Doors

This has now all stopped working!!!! Chas Not A Renault Fan June 2009 i have Renault megane 2003 i nearly spent 3000 in last 5 years to maintain Replace key, ECU failed both door mirror motor Renault Megane Key Card Not Working So all in all NEVER BUY RENAULT EVER worst mistake i've ever made Ashley Lovett June 2009 Hi Renault Company kindly ask you to solve this urgently problem make all Renault Scenic Key Card Wont Lock Car MSE Stuff Contact Us MOBILEDESKTOP VERSION - Cutting Your Costs, Fighting Your Corner MOBILE VERSIONDESKTOP facebook twitter - Founder & Editor, Martin Lewis cards & loans reclaim shopping deals

Has anyone else had the card reader problem and if we take it to Renault are they going to charge us a fortune? his comment is here I then had the key card of death alert, NO CARD INSERTED, CARD READER FAULT, CARD NOT DETECTED, appear on the dashboard... First Time (and last) Renault Megane Owner February 2012 had my car about a year now and to start off with was fine then after about 4 months i had h May 2010 The card to my Megane started with displaying the same "CARD NOT DETECTED"-problem about two weeks ago. Renault Megane Key Card Replacement Cost

Is it really possible that 2 keys, that are treated differently can stop working at almost exactly the same time after 7 years? Not to much tape as first of all it didn't fit into the reader but after taking a layer off it did! I will be billing them for the damage. I went to pick the car up and i started it up in the garage and it was reluctant to start but it did and 5 seconds later it made a

Upon receipt of the new key, I no longer needed the spare which didn't deactivate the sensor anyway and I kept this at home for emergency. Renault Megane Key Card Instructions Glad you like it! however there is no wire that connects to the pc board as there are no tracks inside the board or anywhere to solder the leg back onto the PC board.

Does the car have one 4 digit code for its immobiliser that should work with both keys, or should each key have a seperate 4 digit code?

Naturally I resorted to my spare card, which was not used since I bought the car - only to discover that it does'nt work. great. However, the Megane's passenger window failed to close after being opened and was stuck down for a week, luckily my dad used to be an electrician and after finding the wire Renault Megane Key Card Repair its 3.30 now and im still thinking what to do!

I am having the same problem currently and I will try your advice later today and give you my feedback tomorrow. Help someone Are you good at fixing things? I only use 98 RON. navigate here Re: Megane Automatic Locking Problems!!!

These cards are not meant to sit in your back pocket to have your rear end sitting on it.Try it, it may save you a small fortune. i have had windows going up and down on their own.cost nearly a grand to fix them and now the drivers side is stuck again. marco March 2010 I too had ta similar problem, last night actually, put the card it, and it said 'card not detected' I then took it upon me to google.