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Renault Megane Coupe Rear Windows Not Working


KM666 Original Poster 1,557 posts 94 months [report] [news]Sunday 15th July 2012 dragonheart said: Did you sort the rear window issue?Yes, now working fine. They're going to get in touch with my local dealership to arrange a visit. a could live with 140 but not 450 lol! Okay so it'd need the plumbing and i'd imagine a 172 front subframe, but if I get another monkey going spare i'd be very tempted to buy a 172 sans engine Check This Out

May be worth you trying the same. Then started reading through this thread after getting home and gave your advice a go - and now the window moves up and down perfectly. Cost was £629 but i only paid £140 :) they also did free health check and washed car for free.. Got documentation showing cambelt to have been done at 83k (13k miles ago) in december of 2009 so shouldnt be an issue during my ownership.

Renault Megane Rear Windows Not Working

wullie05-05-2011, 01:20:07managed to fix mine the other weekend. KM666 Original Poster 1,557 posts 94 months [report] [news]Sunday 8th July 2012 Deluded said: Was considering one of these before I purchased the current car (probably would have been a better Hopefully won't be waiting 8 months like my exhaust. Our mechanic says he looks after a fleet of them all with the same problem.

kris kross20-05-2012, 22:59:54right i found out that its not regulator as i tried it off the other door and still didn't work but upon putting back the fixed door i snapped Which appears to be coming from around the window!!!!! I then repeated the process of removing the plug and dead locking until the window was up. Renault Megane Window Regulator Module Top davelowe Driving Legend Posts: 3139 Joined: Thu May 10, 2007 3:40 pm Re: MEGANE CC REAR PASSANGER WINDOW ONLY STOPPED WORKING!

mattyw09-03-2012, 23:55:13Not sure, i have a feeling so! The more detail and information you provide in your question the easier it is for others to help you. Kev 07812918334 January 2008 Hi - My two back windows in my 97 cabriolet just did this - i am off to the local garage now (renault garage let the Top rodd56 Posts: 6 Joined: Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:03 pm Re: MEGANE CC REAR PASSANGER WINDOW ONLY STOPPED WORKING!

I'll be on to RUK tomorrow as my passenger window is stuck, won't go down. Renault Megane Electric Window Reset I didnt, then dimantled the door (cutting fingers and braking clips)...gave up...tried the battery thing again and it moved. max9913-04-2011, 17:58:05My drivers side has gone, Renault manchester can only get me in on monday at the earliest, bloody great, lets hope it doesnt **** it down much hey!! daveb22513-03-2012, 15:52:07Nah unfortunatly u don't get warrenty on warrenty.

Renault Megane Convertible Window Problems

Put fuse back in. If u pay a contribution then you own the part so get your 12month parts warrenty. Renault Megane Rear Windows Not Working I dont see why I should have to pay anything for a bad design flaw. Renault Megane Window Regulator Fitting Instructions and they are not fitting them?

So i had to pay 130 to get it fixed :( Steve Saunders13-04-2011, 19:17:01I was told that regulators were on back order? his comment is here Open Car. [email protected], 16:48:47lol put it all the way down then hold the switch down for about 4-5 seconds then try and put it back up.hey presto itll go up and down with They will pay 100 percent down to 75% depending on age. Renault Megane Convertible Rear Window

Passenger window opens and shuts like crazy when im driving. Had both regulators replaced under warranty like 2 months ago. Open Car. this contact form Just entails stripping the door card off to get to the motor and reg.

I can't think of any reason the upc would cause that! Renault Megane Window Stuck Open I have just bout an 07 Grand Scenic. See our Privacy Policy.

I've just had the looms replaced on both doors after they packed in.

iain c20-04-2011, 12:37:00Took mine to renho this morning. Fly_Half16-11-2011, 23:43:58FFS both my front driver and passenger windows have now stopped working. 57 Plate 175 DCI. mattyw13-03-2012, 21:44:12I was having a repeated destructive missfire on clip and it wasnt coils or injectors they said it was computer related fault.. Renault Megane Electric Window Won't Close Lemon18-05-2010, 21:20:37just go to the dealership mate theclarkster27-05-2010, 21:35:33nearside rear stopped working (wound itself down and then stopped altogether!!) - 54 plate 225...

demon03-04-2012, 22:06:26could be a faulty motor, regulator or loom. I got fed up after two pages of reading!! ;) [email protected], 16:31:23na that just needs re setting mate Julz05-08-2010, 16:36:46na that just needs re setting mate C'mon then, give us a If the car is out of warranty, it's definitely worth a shot if you can be bothered. Information and general chat about the Megane II CC.

It very helpfully went whilst the windo was down and at nearly 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. Drivers side died this weekend on my 03 Dynamique dCi 120. Open car. Gray21-09-2011, 12:21:48Well...

took 4 hours as back seats had to come out but only paid 25% of total bill which was £100 so well pleased. Which I thought was steep given the contribution. Edited by KM666 on Tuesday 24th July 21:47 Reply Reply Gassing Station | Readers' Cars | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff Terms and Conditions | Posting Rules new repolacement regulator mechanism re-designed ell March 2014 renault give 76% of repair cost for Megan 2s less than 10 years old. 08443350000 ell March 2014 this site will get your

Nothing happens at all, what u reckon could it be the dreaded regulator or a fuse? It's terrible that there lowering the amount they contribute considering it's there cock up. Been like that for a few months now as i cant afford to fork out the cash when i never use the window. I suppose at least the Meganes get a boot that takes more than 2 cases of beer.

I when dead locked the car and the window moved up 1- 1.5 inches. K10AYB06-08-2011, 10:59:40I have an 08 plate R26. Loading...