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Remote Assistance Not Working Vista


Select “Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance” or select “Invite someone to help you” whichever is displayed 4. The underlying name resolution functions on PNRP IDs within a cloud are stored in a distributed fashion in a cache on each peer within the cloud, with each peer's cache containing Blame gamma rays and sunspots. Well-trained support personnel will try to avoid using technical jargon when communicating with end users, but although using plain language can improve the support experience, it may also mean that resolution Check This Out

In a domain-based enterprise environment, the Remote Assistance exception is typically managed using Group Policy and is enabled by default in Windows 7; it was disabled by default in Windows Vista. Wednesday, June 04, 2008 10:06 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote I'm experiencing the same problem ( i get vista to be host and on my pc from Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics GridVision Apps Lepide Active Directory Self Service ManageEngine ADManager Plus NETsec Enterprise Permission Reporter Network Performance Monitor from SolarWinds Netwrix Password Manager Specops Active Directory Janitor Spiceworks Wednesday, February 28, 2007 10:18 PM Reply | Quote Answers 0 Sign in to vote If you were to put a computer on her network could you connect to remote desktop,

Windows Remote Assistance Not Connecting

Table 22-1. NAT traversal using Teredo and IPv6 is supported on Windows 7 to Windows 7 Remote Assistance only, and not on Windows 7 to Windows XP. Public profile The Remote Assistance exception is disabled by default and no inbound Remote Assistance traffic is permitted. For information on enterprises that need to remotely support users who work from home, see the section titled "Other Possible Remote Assistance Usage Scenarios" later in this chapter.

If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site.Would you like to participate? For more information on the Rendezvous API, see the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) on MSDN at Examples of SMAPI-compliant e-mail clients include Windows Mail, which is included in Windows Vista, and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Windows Remote Assistance Will Not Connect SESSION LOG PATH AND NAMING CONVENTION Session logs are XML-formatted documents so that they can be easily integrated into other data sets--for example, by importing them into a database managed by

Table 22-2. Remote Assistance Not Working Windows 10 The password must be relayed by an OOB mechanism to ensure that the remote person is really the User’s buddy (and not someone masquerading as the buddy). The Helper enters either the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address of the User's computer to connect to the User's computer. The RA exception properties will change depending on the network location of the computer (private, public, or domain).

Specifically: Vista to Vista RA Session: Dynamic ports allocated by the system in the range TCP/UDP 49152–65535 Vista to XP RA Session: Port 3389 TCP (local/remote) In addition, the Offer RA Remote Assistance Has Restricted Internet Connectivity Windows 7 To verify whether your NAT supports Remote Assistance, you can use the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool at Instead, P2P name resolution is based on the PNRP, a mechanism for distributed, serverless name resolution of peers in a P2P network. For more information on NAT traversal support in Vista, see Chapter 29, “Deploying IPv6.” RA will not work if the NAT-enabled router is configured to block the specific ports used by

Remote Assistance Not Working Windows 10

If you have an intermittent problem that you can't reliably replicate, you'll probably just waste your friend's time. Improvements to Remote Assistance in Windows 7 As mentioned previously, Remote Assistance in Windows 7 builds on the many enhancements introduced earlier for this feature in Windows Vista. Windows Remote Assistance Not Connecting Vista wont allow you to connect without a password. Remote Assistance Cannot Make The Connection Jacky is now connected to Jane's computer using Jane's credentials, and he can both view her screen and interact with it using his own mouse and keyboard.

Muir from the book "Windows 7 Just the Steps For Dummies". "How to Provide and Receive Support with Windows Remote Assistance" - written tutorial with Windows 7 screenshots, published by 7Tutorials. The User must provide a password that must be communicated to the Helper using an OOB method such as a telephone call. I have been trying to find an answer as to why so many Vista machines CANNOT provide assistance to others, but apparently some can. Email Note: CTI Support email addresses are [email protected]; or [email protected]; or [email protected]; ([email protected]). Your Offer To Help Could Not Be Sent

See the section titled "Remote Assistance and Windows Firewall" later in this chapter for more information. When I connect using the XP computer I get the error "Automation Server Can't Create Object". During a Remote Assistance connection any personalization settings (such as desktop background or custom cursor image) will be temporarily disabled. this contact form However, Users can have only one Remote Assistance session in the Waiting For Connect state.

It basically uses Microsoft Remote Assistance but you do away with all the firewall/routers setup stuff as well as the nightmare of generating/sending invitations.Very simply, from your Internet Explorer, you (the Remote Assistance Attempting To Connect This is a typical corporate Help Desk scenario in which all the users are in a domain. Description of Task User?

The three articles in this series represent an entire chapter of the Windows Vista Resource Kit, excerpted with permission from Microsoft Press.

The Remote Assistance exception has outbound properties as well; however, outbound exceptions are not enabled in Windows Firewall by default. They can access your computer from their workstation and make the corrections you need. If the person requesting assistance (the novice) is running Vista, the person who gives help (the guru) can use Vista or Windows XP. Either Remote Assistance Is Unable To Find If you have User Account Control enabled to protect your system, Windows Vista will ask you to verify that you want to open the System Remote Settings.

However, traffic to UPnP devices is not enabled, and Offer RA via DCOM is not enabled. With increased Group Policy support, command-line scripting capabilities, session logging, bandwidth optimization, and more, Remote Assistance is now an essential tool for enabling enterprises to support users in Help Desk scenarios. Remote Assistance will not work if the user’s NAT-enabled router is configured to block all UDP traffic. Unlike Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance does not create a new session.

Is there an issue with giving assistance from XP to Vista? If the User is a local administrator on his computer, the Helper will be able to perform any actions on the User’s computer that can be performed by a local administrator NOTE: To determine the type of NAT a network is using, open an elevated command prompt and type netsh interface teredo show state. Network Location State of RA Exception Default Properties of the RA Exception Private (Home or Work) Enabled by default Msra.exe application exception uPnP enabled for communications with uPnP NATs Edge traversal

There should be no difficulties if the firewall is off.   Wednesday, March 14, 2007 6:53 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote One of the best ways to The Remote Assistance exception properties will change depending on the network location of the computer (private, public, or domain). I will say that I am amazed at how many people ANSWER THESE FORUMS" and yet DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION and REMOTE ASSISTANCE. In the Waiting For Connect state, the Helper cannot view or control the screen of the User’s computer until an RA connection has been established and both computers have entered the

Windows will automatically create the invitation message, an encrypted "Invitation.msrsincident” file, and a 12 character password. 6.Address your email support request to CTI Support as directed ([email protected]; or [email protected]; or see This group exception has multiple properties that are grouped together as part of the RA exception. Remote Assistance has two basic modes of operation: Solicited RA. Remote Assistance can only connect across restricted NATs and cone NATs.

Tasks That Can Be Performed by User and Helper During a Remote Assistance Session DESCRIPTION OF TASK USER? Log files stored within this folder are formatted using XML and are named using the convention YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.xml, where the time format is 24-hour. The private profile includes the appropriate exceptions needed to allow communication with UPnP NAT devices. You start Remote Assistance from the Start menu by navigating to All Programs, selecting Maintenance, and then selecting Windows Remote Assistance.

When the Helper receives the User's Remote Assistance invitation, she opens the attached ticket, enters the password that was conveyed by the User, and the Remote Assistance session starts. I did note that one of the links that were provided with snapshots, showed the System->Remote->Advanced options and in that snapshot were 3 choices about the type of connections permitted to click OK. ▲ Back to the Top of this webpage ▲ Related Articles and Internet Links "How to Connect to Remote Assistance in Windows 7" by Nancy C. Make sure the Remote Assistance box is checked.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:19 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Having the same problem, and all forum I could find have not found solution.   I just This ticket information is encrypted to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the information should e-mail or file transfer be used to send the invitation over an unsecured network.