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Red Alert Rules.ini Not Working


I can test them tommorow because I have to go do stuff now. A human controlled country is presumed to have ; an IQ rating of zero. Visit the link for Total Havoc in the Links section or follow the Total Havoc Map Pack link, or use the above link. Sign in Share More Report Need to report the video? http://jetpackshield.com/red-alert/red-alert-2-rules-ini-not-working.html

If the number is .1 originally then use .5 as your number rather than 1/2 or 0.5 or 50% to be sure of getting it working. Next, get a barracks, then build the refinery and a few rocket soldiers. Westwood Chat Abbreviations and Commands! Download Tutorial.ini 2 kb Allow to change and add new text-triggers in Red Alert.

Red Alert 2 Rules.ini Guide

Now I have a ßeta version that is (almost) fully functional... The third parameter, if present, specifies ; the data value needed for that crate powerup. I build e.g.

You must have Command and Conquer and Red Alert in order to use this.5.6 kbPurple PalletsOS: WindowsDate Added: 12-Aug-2003Author: NyergudsDownload Description: Makes converting from one game to another easy, and also The computer and the player are handicapped by ; individual settings. Chatting and games now have a speed increase! Download Rules.ini Ra2 Money Send your cruiser up to his base, and shred his construction yard.

That is why pillboxes are important. Red Alert 2 Rules.ini Editor If anyone knows of one which does work, let me know. He makes his own."-Solid SnakeFollow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/JemCel03 Jacko 1228 Re: Rules.ini Files « Reply #5 on: August 10, 2012, 06:18:42 PM » Im guessing you mean alternate?In which Their Teslas should be down following the nuke, so get your attack force to concentrate their firepower on more powerplants, until there are non left.

Make sure the file is now called Rules.ini (rename it if necessary). Tibed 1 Please try again later. PathDelay=.1 ; Delay (minutes) between retrying when path is blocked. for... 3DS Nintendo 3DS Forums Games Forum Directory 3DS Forum Top Forums Animal Crossing: New Leaf Harvest Moon 3D: A New...

Red Alert 2 Rules.ini Editor

I thought it was odd that the Rules.ini wouldn't work in this version, given it's just a human versus AI thing. Nicke's Red Alert pageYet another Red Alert page out there on the 'net Game Links Err. Red Alert 2 Rules.ini Guide Barracks, you click on image of barracks (if you are not freak and know all keyboard shortcut), if you want to build e.g. Red Alert 2 Rules.ini Money Download it here! (400K) NEW VERSION OF REDIT (FULLY FUNCTIONAL) HAS BEEN RELEASED.

Don't start adding different fonts or anything to the file, leave it as it is. navigate here PLEASE no people emailing me requesting FEATURES (I have not finished adding these) but I DO APPRECIATE feedback on the interface or whatever... Not too major though! No modifications, no errors. Rules.ini Tiberian Sun

This pack is being released as an UPGRADE to Red Alert, so you must own the full game to use it. Download this now! v1.0OS: WindowsDate Added: 23-Apr-2000Author: Mark MamerDownload Description: Red Alert Rules Editor is a software package that is used to edit the game characteristics of Red Alert. http://jetpackshield.com/red-alert/red-alert-3-co-op-not-working.html There is a 40% chance of something bad happening.

Midnight Club 3: DUB... Tibedit Values used as cell distances or time delays ; are specified as simple floating point number. Just click here!

Editor v1.0 Beta 4 (freeware)OS: WindowsDate Added: 23-Apr-2000Author: Gavin PughDownload Description: The new version of R.A.C.K editor.

TTT This works well against tanks and infantry. Up next Red Alert 2 Rules.ini cheats - Duration: 10:47. Thanks, Logged Jacko 1228 Re: Rules ini changes not working in RA1 single player « Reply #7 on: March 14, 2016, 09:48:04 AM » renaming Rules.ini to Spawn.xdp should work. Xcc Mixer Start assembling an attack force under the hiding of gap generators.

Westwood Chat servers Westwood have FINALLY upgraded their Wchat servers! (About time!) and Wchat! The Soviets. Just follow the instructions below to get it working. http://jetpackshield.com/red-alert/red-alert-2-not-working-on-lan.html Play as 5 different countries!

Get flame towers behind the Teslas, so if your power goes down, you are not totally finished. Some will ally with you, some against! Digimon World: Dawn Dragon Quest IX:... To make a change, simply alter what it says after the equals sign.

Editor v1.0 Beta 3 (shareware)OS: WindowsDate Added: 23-Apr-2000Author: Gavin PughDownload Description: The R.A.C.K had become one of the most popular editors around when Red Alert was released. However, Counterstrike is very disappointing. Find even secrets on our page. An explanation of each line is included in the file, although one awkward one is the Image= attribute.

Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 have built-in compatibility tools for such games. What better way to express it than voting it a GameWeb top 50 site! Supported Games Early History Up and Coming In 2016 Other Links Support CnCNet Discussion C&C Games Discussion Games Dune 2000 Command & Conquer Red Alert 1 Tiberian Sun Red Alert 2 I have THE rules.ini file!

Unzip the rules you want to your main Red Alert directory (usually C:\WESTWOOD\REDALERT).