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Relevanssi Highlight Not Working


thanks! Bad_Self I'm not certain if this is something I could use the synonyms feature for but when I search the word S&P I only get searches for the letter S and Anything that queries the database for new posts is trouble for Relevanssi. Limit Here's where you can set the limit where you want.

Try deactivating the plugin and reactivating it. That requires some changes in your search results template. Thanks and I appreciate your hard work. You can use "all" to index all taxonomies, custom or not (default taxonomies are "category" and "post_tag").

Relevanssi Search Results Template

Here's a more traditional post-like feel with excerpt: loop-search.php: Posted 24 November 2013 09:57 PM #7 Casey Administrator Total Posts: 3619 Joined 2011-04-27 PM Just to add to the Are you sure that your search results are coming from Relevanssi? Mikko Saari Which version did you update from? I am having one problem-whenever the search string is wrapped in quotes (e.g., "foo bar") the page dies, but wordpress doesn't throw any fatal errors.

Settings Here's what the different settings in Relevanssi mean. At this point $posts contains the right results. Could you help me out with this? Relevanssi_do_query This is his response: "You would need a plugin or hire a custom freelancer to do that customization." Is it really necessary to hire a freelancer?

The admin searches works fine,, but no results on the side. Relevanssi Not Working I don't want anything else, only whole words. Some of these adjustments are Premium only. Mikko Saari It's an option you need to enable in Relevanssi settings in the first place.

Cody Ro Oh … ok thats the problem :0 thank you mister. Relevanssi Cache Mikko Saari At least those codes have nothing unusual. Yes, I use the equivalent tool in Safari, but I overlooked what you clearly saw. Or is the content perhaps in a custom field?

Relevanssi Not Working

I tried everything above, and an upgrade of the plugin but still no results show. Do you see anything that might make Relevanssi fail? Relevanssi Search Results Template Any tips? Relevanssi No Results Christina Blust I can't seem to get synonyms to work either.

And is this a problem with my theme or doesn't the plugin support highlighting search terms in custom fields/taxonomy's? Cody Ro Thank you Mikko, but thats not good if the plugin is not compatible with relevanssi Cody Ro For me do not work. Did you use the search box in the header and it works? Is it correct? Relevanssi Did You Mean

For more information, read our full Customer Support Policy. I'm not aware of any changes. ar2_above_content() might have something in it, but I'm not sure. Most plugins come with their own widget, so not mentioning it at all, anywhere, is not really helping 🙂 Jake Passi Hi Mikko, I just tried to install the free version

No i cant change my theme because of the one of the links to woocommerce. Relevanssi Shortcode thanks, Martin Mikko Saari Are you using OR search? Jonah Taylor That helps!

Try the development version of Relevanssi available from – does that help?

Leave a review © Designs & Code Toolset ComponentsDocumentationUser GuidesTypesViewsLayoutsCREDAccessToolset MapsLearn ToolsetHow to build a business site using ToolsetHow to build a Custom WooCommerce Site using ToolsetHow to build directory and Is there a way to treat the ampersand as part of the word? For example, try this code: add_filter(‘relevanssi_query_filter', ‘rlv_q_f'); function rlv_q_f($q) { var_dump($q); return $q; } rodrigord Hi Mikko, I had replied to that days ago and for some reason the reply dissapeared. Wp_query Relevanssi I can't usually do much of a support for framework themes.

If so, there's more than likely a way we can customize the child theme to override the search results, but first I'd like to know if that is indeed the problem. Buy Premium Buy now » Search Search for: Your API Key Not logged in. Usually the problematic themes are fairly easy to fix, but not always. Since your theme designer recommends Relevanssi as a solution, I suppose it's not in the theme.

That fixed it! kowdermeister This could be a great help resource if you would actually share what code to use besides what's known not to work. I've double-checked for the presence of query_posts() but it's not there. Everything seems to be OK.

This makes some sense, as Relevanssi searches more thoroughly than the WP search, so having a Relevanssi search in date order is still better than the default WP search. OR B. I hope this can be solved. so it is finding the results just not displaying theme, could be a theme issue i guess based on that.

You can also add stopwords. Regards, Caridad Author Posts Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total) The topic ‘[Closed] the_excerpt() and relevanssi' is closed to new replies. relevanssi_get_the_tags($separator = ‘, ‘) Returns a list of tags for the current post (so use in the Loop), with highlights applied. UA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait…Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)… Mikko Saari Yeah, probably something with GD Star Rating.