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Receiver Speaker Output Not Working


If the problem persists, move on to step two.Make sure the hardware isn't defective. If you or a buddy have some experience with electronics soldering, you could take a look with a bright light and a magnifying glass to see if you can find the Any ideas on repair?

That sounds like a loose connection. Well, lately the amp portion of the power has been clicking on and off willy nilly. have a peek at this web-site

Would this work if I connected everything to the VSX? The fuse didn't blow, but the reading off the new transistor I put in is still a bit funny (very low- changed since installed, so maybe partially burnt right away?). surely there will be pictures to show you how to do it. Cleaned the pots and switches, and plays nice but under further evaluation left side seems lacking in bass compared to right.

Stereo Receiver Left Channel Not Working

audio is a very subjective hobby and ultimately one should buy what sounds good to them.

i have found some lousy class d boards but have also found a great many excellent While it is impossible to cover every possible scenario you may face when dealing with troubleshooting your A/V, we are hopeful that this brief guide helped to resolve your issues or Then I can lower the volume, adjust the balance, and everything works fine till I turn off the stereo. look for ... 6 Step 6: you've got power, now what?with sacrificial speakers connected, power up and let's see what you get.

It could be as simple as the wire going to the input selector knob/switch could be broken or disconnected. But we are talking about a 12 year old receiver. Any thought's of what else to check? Amplifier One Channel Not Working After reassessing, I concluded that it must be the right channel controlling transistor, as when the right channels are used, the speakers produce a loud, crackly sound.


Hi very enjoyable read. Not ideal as you can imagine unless you're playing musical chairs. No sound when switched to AM or FM. and are both great resources, but a simple google search can turn up much information.

If you have repair experience you should know that there could be a number of components that could fail and cause the problem you describe. Receiver Only One Speaker Works Not thrown out. Check your levels Next, check your levels using an SPL meter. Suddenly, it shut down.

Right Channel Not Working On Receiver

Posted by Alex W on Thu, Aug 26 2010 4:10 AM I think that the Yamaha RX-V467 will do a great job for you. Article What's Low Center Channel Dialog and How Do You Fix It? Stereo Receiver Left Channel Not Working Also...the multimeter reading on both the new transistors goes straight down to zero within a second of touching the leads (the two right channel transistors test normally with the multimeter while Receiver One Channel Not Working It may be time to upgrade some or all of your speakers, especially if they share any resemblance to the ones pictured here.

Those things haven all been switched out now, but clearly there's something else not right/or that was blown at the same time as the other items.

Or is this the blown resistor Consult your operators manual for more information. Problem: I hear static coming from one or all of my speakers Possible Solutions Check your cables Is the static dependent upon the source (DVD player, cable box, etc)? Verify the polarity of your cables on the amplifier side and the speaker side for each connection to ensure the (+) on one end is going to the (-) on the Pioneer Receiver Right Channel Not Working

Some good brands to be on the lookout for include: McIntosh, Sansui, Pioneer, Sherwood, Marantz, Kenwood, Onkyo, and Yamaha. Click Here AV Research Tech Articles Quick Links Audio Video Cables Audio Technologies Room Acoustics Audio Amplifiers HDTV Display Formats Frequently Asked Questions Loudspeaker Design Buying Guides Quick Links Recommended Systems The first is the age. Source Please try again.

Now on the transistors, they should have been two different part numbers and you did note their placement right?

Ok- I put the mica spacers back and replaces both blown bias resistors- How To Fix A Blown Amp Channel I have a Marantz 2420 that my Dad bought in 1970. If some of the settings aren’t applicable to your installation, simply place “NA” in the cell.

This is also a useful guide to ensuring everything is operating normally on your A/V system.

I have two receivers I would like to integrate - a Pioneer VSX-1123-K and a SX-1280. There are two things to check. can be found by bridging a known good cap of same or slightly higher value across good cap and seeing if audio improves. Stereo Receiver Troubleshooting No such luck.

I start with all EQs centered, high and low filters and loudness off, volume all the way down, speakers connected to main, main on, remote off. They are worth it, IMO. (The KA-7100's are DC coupled and have a bandwidth of 100 KHz. It’s time to put on your propeller head and get down to the business of fixing your system and enjoying it to its fullest potential again. have a peek here that would have been an excellent unit to drop a Sure Electronics 4x100wpc board in!

About Crutchfield Because my name is on the business, I work hard to make sure you get the best possible shopping experience. Confused about what AV Gear to Buy or how to set it up? So when you activate the power switch the light strip comes on, then you hear a click. no sound!

If replacing the cable in the previous step didn't fix things, then the issue could also be the source itself. I'm not mechanical, and I'd rather have someone who knows what they are doing look at it.

It should probably be gone through and have the electrolytics replaced. this instructable is intended to be an option for those that have a piece not worth fixing. for ... 3 Step 3: fuse keeps popping on old discrete transistor amp typethings get complicated here.

NO.. as far as output caps when you dealing with something that old you should replace all the electrolytic caps because they are dried out and out of spec.

hello, I have Something really simple that generally isn't used). It seems like a good idea to fix up this old Kenwood.If I have a vintage receiver from the 70's that works great, how strongly do you recommend replacing the capacitors?

After the Auto-EQ has completed its setup, its usually a good idea to check your bass management settings to ensure it properly configured your speaker sizes, crossover points and subwoofer distance. watch polarity!